Barrier System

Automated barrier system solution and payment automation

  • Control unit with integrated receiver built-in battery charger
  • External release
  • For passages up to 9m
  • 24 Vdc | intensive use
  • 24 VDC electromechanical barrier for intensive use with control unit with integrated receiver,¬†battery charger and extended range switching power supply from 100 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Easy installation and possibility of quick connection for operation of opposed barriers, thanks to the SIS accessory board
  • Reduced energy use on stand-by
  • Possibility to install FTC.S photocells using concealed system so that they are perfectly integrated
  • Simple, fast and reliable boom balancing system
  • Adjustable slow-downs
  • Available also in the stainless steel version, LADY.5I