Public Address System

Make your sound louder in public places

The VX-3016F is a device designed to control the Voice evacuation announcements of TOA’s VX-3000 Series rack-mount type voice evacuation system which is compliant with the European Standard EN54 for fire alarm systems. It has audio input terminals and can output the amplified audio signals to the speaker lines when the optional power amplifier modules are mounted. It is possible to make an Emergency Warning Broadcast assigned a higher priority than the Emergency broadcast. Two patterns of the Emergency broadcast can be activated simultaneously. Compatible with network, the system can be configured in distributed arrangement. Features include the following functions: Digital signal processing function that enables appropriate acoustic adjustment for individual input sound sources and output amplifiers.

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Feedback suppressor function that automatically suppresses acoustic feedback when it occurs, VOX function that allows start/stop control of broadcast by way of an audio trigger, and ANC function that enables an ambient noise control. (The ANC function distinguishes between the unit’s output sound and the ambient noise. The unit’s output sound is not detected as noise.) Indicators that show such statuses as fault status and power amplifier signal status are provided. It has 16 speaker output channels. The number of mountable amplifier modules is up to 2 when used as zone amplifiers or a total of 2 when one is used as standby amplifier and the other as zone amplifier. When one module for zone amplifier use is mounted, the VX-3016F can be used as 1-bus/16-zone output speaker selector. When 2 modules for zone amplifier use are mounted, it can be used as 2-channel 1-bus/8-zone output speaker selector. Zones can be expanded by connecting the unit having amplifier module(s) and the one having no amplifier module. As the VX-3016F is equipped with Standby amplifier input/output terminal, the standby amplifier, when mounted, can be shared among VX-3000F units.